Mothers' Day Out

At our Mother’s Day Out Program, while we believe in teaching your child the basics, such as numbers, letters, shapes, and colors, it is just as important to share with them the love of Jesus Christ. We teach them who God is, about the world He created, and how to love the people in it. Our desire is to encourage your child to learn about and love the world around them. We want them to leave our program eager to learn and be excited about education.

1 & 2 Year-Olds

Toddlers learn best through hands on activities in differing learning centers. Our classrooms provide an environment where toddlers learn naturally through exploration, experimentation, and interaction. Our teachers provide activities for the different classroom centers that help toddlers practice certain skills and concepts.Price: $200/month

3 & 4 Year-Olds

Your preschoolers mind, body, and world are growing each day. Using a planned monthly and weekly calendar, our teachers lovingly guide your child through a routine of differing learning centers. Each to help prepare your child to grow cognitively, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.Price: $175/month

MDO Leadership

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Joni Reese

MDO Director

Jason Curry

Children & Senior Adult Pastor