Children's Ministry

The spiritual foundation of each child begins in infancy and grows and develops each year. It's our goal in the Children's Ministry for each child at First Baptist Andrews to make his profession of faith in Jesus Christ and to mature as a Christian. Our ongoing ministries and special events are all planned to help children as they grow as Jesus grew: physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.

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Sunday School



Child Care During Worship



Sunday Night Discipleship



Children's Choir







At First Baptist, worship is a wonderful time when we come together as a people. ‘Big Church’ not only allows children to watch their parents model how to worship, but gives them a chance to experience worship for themselves. They also begin to see that they are part of a bigger church family in which they both partake and serve.

Each Sunday morning infants through 3’s are cared for and actively engaged in age specific classes. Also, the first three Sunday’s of every month, your PreK child also has a class geared for them. On fourth and fifth Sunday’s our 4 year old children get the opportunity to partake in worship with their ‘Big Church family’

Sunday Mornings – 10:30 AM
1st-3rd Sunday – Birth through PreK
4th-5th Sunday – Birth through 3-year-olds only


During these years your child's worldview is expanding and growing from the foundations they built in their preschool years. It is during this time that we at First Baptist show, teach, and model how Christ can impact their life and also how a Christ-led life can impact the world.


As 4th through 6th graders these kids are our leaders. We have watched and prayerfully led these 'tweens through their foundational years. At First Baptist we spend these three years building their Biblical knowledge, their peer group, and their worldview so that they can become a missional force in their community.

Upcoming Children's Events

Nothing is coming up just yet. Join us in church this weekend!


Sunday School – 9:15am

Sunday School is where our ‘Big Church’ becomes a small church. Within their Sunday School classes, kids and adults get to see how their faith interacts with and affects others. Locations of children’s classes:

– Babies – Rm 1
– Toddlers – Rm 3
– 2 Year Olds – Rm 5
– 3 Year Olds – Rm 6
– PreK – Rm 4
– Kindergarten – Rm 2

– 1st Grade – Rm 201
– 2nd Grade – Rm 202
– 3rd Grade – Rm 203
– 4th Grade – Rm 204
– 5th Grade – Rm 206
– 6th Grade – Rm 207

Sunday Nights – 5:00pm (during the school year)

At First Baptist, we believe the Bible plays a pivotal role in our individual faith development. Sunday nights in the children’s ministry are all about God’s Word. Our PreK and Kindergarteners receive a hands-on approach to great Bible stories, and 1-6 graders develop their abilities to locate and memorize scriptures essential to our faith.

Hands-On Bible
PreK & Kindergarten – Nursery Rm 4

Bible Skills
1st-3rd Grade – Rm 204

Bible Drill
4th-6th Grade – Rm 212

Wednesday Nights (during the school year)

Wednesday nights at First Baptist are fun, loud, and a bit messy. Wednesday evening is all about being part of a faith community striving to impact those around us. Our TeamKID classes are again divided by grades and are focused on what living a Christ-led life should look like.

Children’s Choir – 6:00-6:45pm

TeamKID – 6:45-7:30pm
– PreK & Kindergarten – Nursery Rm 2
– 1st & 2nd Grade – Rm 205
– 3rd & 4th Grade – Rm 206
– 5th & 6th Grade – Rm 209