Can you make a mean Pecan pie? Does your cheesecake make people weak at the knees? Is your cherry pie the talk of the town? If you or your parents can bake up a storm, keep reading!  We are having a dessert auction on April 28.  This is the largest youth fundraiser we do in our ministry.  The dessert auction allows our students to raise the remaining funds to cover camp cost.  Here’s the requirements for students going to camp to with us.
1. Bake one dessert for the auction
2. Every student must work the auction to get credit. ( we provide a free potato dinner with all the trimmings) So we need help preparing, cooking  and serving our guest that come to the dessert auction.  This fundraiser takes many hands and feet for the event to be productive, plus this allows your student to go to camp for only $50.00 deposit!

Date: April 28th 5:00pm

Students will arrive early to help set up  the event