What to Expect

Childcare - We offer childcare for children pre-k and under during our worship service. Enjoy worship knowing your little ones are in an environment that is safe, secure, fun, and exciting.

What to wear - The people of FBC come from all walks of life. So, whether you’re style is relaxed, business casual or you like to dress up, you’ll feel right at home. Come as you are.

About our services - Our services are exciting and vibrant with a blend of contemporary and traditional music. Our pastor teaches the exciting and life-changing truths of the Bible in a way that is both engaging and relevant. You won't be bored!  

Parking - We have parking on all sides of our building with friendly greeters at every entrance to welcome and assist you and your family.

Friendly people - From the moment you arrive on our campus, you'll find friendly people ready to welcome you and your family. We're regular folks just like you and we look forward to meeting you and helping you get connected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be singled out? 

No. We will not ask you to sit down while everyone else stands or vise-versa. You WON'T be asked to raise your hand so we can bring you a visitor-card or anything like that. Our members are friendly and will introduce themselves to you informally before and after the service. However, we're not going to freak you out by putting you in the spotlight. 

Will I be asked to give money? 

No. You're our guest. Toward the end of the service, an offering plate will be passed down each row so that our members have the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing work of FBCA. However, we ask our guests to simply relax and enjoy the service. You don't need to give a dime. Not a penny!

Will I be bored out of my mind? 

No way! Our services are exciting. Put aside your bad church experiences from the past. We think you'll enjoy the vibrant music and practical teaching. You'll be surprised.

Will it be worth my time? 

Yes! Absolutely. We believe that God's Word is very practical and is meant to provide wisdom, direction, and answers for real life. We know what people are going through because we're going through stuff too. The time you spend at FBCA will have an incredibly positive impact upon every area of your life. You'll be glad you came and we think you'll want to come back. 

Do you have something for my children? 

Oh yeah! We believe we have the best children's and youth ministries in West Texas. Your kids will love it! 

Will I know what to do during your worship service? 

Yes. We keep it simple. Our worship pastor will lead the service and he will tell everyone when to sing, sit down, and stand. The words to the songs and the Scriptures used during the sermon will be displayed on a large screen at the front. You'll be inspired as you worship with hundreds of other families from Andrews.

Aren't y'all a bunch of two-faced hypocrites? 

You nailed it! Our church is full of sinners that have been saved by God's grace. We don't pretend to be perfect even though Christ-like character is our goal. Even our strongest believers still have struggles. Our lives are under construction and God won't be finished with us until our last day. The truth is, Jesus came to heal the sick and to forgive sinners and we know we are both. FBCA is a hospital for hurting people. So, we don't expect anyone to get better before they come. That's crazy. In fact, we're a church where no perfect people are allowed. We're a group of people that are all in the process of changing and growing to be more like Him. Come grow with us!