Children's classes

Sunday School - 9:15am

Sunday School is where our 'Big Church' becomes a small church. Within their Sunday School classes the kids and adults get to see how their faith interacts and effects others. Click Here for classes and locations.

         Babies - Nursery Rm 1

         Toddlers - Nursery Rm 3

         2 Year Olds - Nursery Rm 5

         3 Year Olds - Nursery Rm 6

         PreK - Nursery Rm 4

         Kindergarten - Nursery Rm 2

         1st Grade - Rm 201

         2nd Grade - Rm 202

         3rd Grade - Rm 203

         4th Grade - Rm 204

         5th Grade - Rm 205

         6th Grace - Rm 206

Sunday Nights - 5:00pm (during the school year)

At First Baptist, we believe the Bible plays a pivotal role in our individual faith development. Sunday nights in the children's ministry are all about God's Word. Our PreK and Kindergarteners receive a hands-on approach to the great stories of our faith. Our 1-6 graders develop their abilities to locate and memorize scriptures essential to our faith.

         Hands-On Bible - PreK & Kindergarten - Nursery Rm 4

         Bible Skills - 1st-3rd Grade - Rm 204

         Bible Drill - 4th-6th Grade - Rm 210

Wednesday Nights (during the school year)

Wednesday nights at First Baptist and fun, loud, and a bit messy. Wednesday evening is all about being part of a faith community striving to impact those around us. Our TeamKID classes are again divided by grades and are focused on what living a Christ-lead life should look like.

     Children's Choir - 6:00-6:45pm

     TeamKID - 6:45-7:30pm

         PreK & Kindergarten - Nursery Rm 2

         1st & 2nd Grade - Upstairs in the Basement

         3rd & 4th Grade - Rm 205

         5th & 6th Grade - Rm 208

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